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The small-sized Venus Cup is perfect for those who have a lighter flow or those who want to use a cup to stay dry from discharge or spotting.

The small would also be more comfortable for those with a medium to a low cervix, or those who may have a tilted cervix.

If you consider yourself a virgin, are a teen, believe to have a narrow vaginal opening, or are a new user, this size may be a little easier to work with and creates a smaller insertion point for a comfortable inserting and removal process.

Although the small-sized Venus Cup has a lower capacity, it holds 22ml to the air holes and 29ml to the rim. This is about 10% more than the average small sized menstrual cup and is equal to approximately 5 regular absorbency tampons.

For those who choose the smaller size Venus Cup and have a medium cervix, you’ll be happy to know that we have included a long solid and sturdy stem just in case you need the extra length. If it is not needed, it can be easily shortened by trimming each ‘cone’ until it is comfortable.

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