Venus Cup Large


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The large-sized Venus Cup is perfect for those who have a heavier flow or those who experience clotting.

The large would also be easier to reach for those who have a medium to a high cervix, or a very high cervix.

You may prefer this size if you have a light to moderate flow for the extra capacity and wearing time up to 12 hours.

The large Venus Cup has a capacity of 38ml to the air holes and 47ml to the rim. This is about 30% more than the average large sized cup and is equal to approximately 9 regular absorbency tampons.

Larger cups sometimes lose their firmness near the rim and can be difficult to open.  We have included an invisible secondary rim in which the silicone is slightly thicker near the air holes, as well as an inner ring for reinforcement. Both of these features will aid in helping the cup to open after the fold is released.

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