Choosing Size Guide


Light to Medium Flow
Medium to Low Cervix

  • Lower capacity for a light to medium flow, discharge, and spotting.
  • More comfortable for a medium to low or tilted cervix.
  • The narrower body might be easier to insert for teens, virgins, or new users.

Although the small has a lower capacity – 22ml to the air holes and 29ml to the rim – this size still holds approximately 10% more than the average small size menstrual cup.  That equals to 5 regular absorbency tampons!


High Capacity for Heavy Flow
Medium to High Cervix

  • High capacity for heavy flow and/or clotting.
  • The extra length will be easier to reach for a medium to a high cervix.
  • Extra inner ring for easy opening.
  • Can be worn with a lighter flow to extend wearing time to up to the full 12 hours.

The large size has a capacity of 38ml to the air holes and 47ml to the rim – approximately 30% more than the average large sized menstrual cup and is equal to 9 regular absorbency tampons!


Set of 2 Cups (Small+Large)
Maximum Flexibility
Ideal for All Flows

We understand that it is not always feasible to purchase two cups at full price when you’re still undecided about which size to choose. We’ve taken this into considerate and have put together a Starter Kit that includes both sizes of the Venus Cup at an affordable price.

  • This Kit will save you more than 50% on the cup second cup!
  • Try them both to see which feels more comfortable and which is easier for you to use.

You never know – since the cervix moves throughout our cycle, you may found that you need a specific size during a certain day of your period – Venus Cup will have you covered! For more information on locating and measuring a cervix, enter here.

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