How to Remove the Cup

1. Wash your hands prior to removing your cup.

2. Relax and get into a comfortable position:

  • Sitting on the toilet
  • Squatting in the tub

3. Gently spread your labia and insert your thumb and index finger.

4. Locate and pinch the base of the cup to release the seal/suction. If you need to use the stem to locate the cup, gently rock the stem side to side until you can reach the base of the cup. Then pinch the base of the cup to release the seal/suction.

5. Keep the cup upright until you are ready to empty the contents into the toilet or down the drain.

6. Wash/Rinse as needed and re-insert, or store away for your next period!

Removal Tips

  • Do NOT remove the cup by only holding the stem. It does NOT support the weight of the cup, especially if it is filled. You may end up with a big mess!
  • If you can’t reach the base of the cup, try using your Pelvic Floor muscles to push the cup down closer to the vaginal opening.
  • If you feel resistance when removing the cup, you may need to break the seal/suction again.
  • If you feel any sensitivity when the rim nears the vaginal opening, insert your thumb (near your bladder) and collapse the cup a bit to ease the pressure and guard your urethra from being brushed or hit by the rim upon exiting.

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