How to Insert the Cup

1. Wash your hands and the cup prior to inserting.

2. Fold the cup using your chosen method.

3. Relax your vaginal muscles and get into a comfortable position:

  • Sitting on the toilet
  • Standing with a foot propped up
  • Squatting

4. Gently spread your labia and insert the cup completely, aiming towards your tail bone.

5. Release the folded cup and allow it to open. You may need to reposition the cup higher into the vaginal canal by using a finger to push it upward.

Insertion Tips

  • If you’re experiencing dryness, use a water-based personal lubricant.
  • Wipe the base (grip rings) and stem of the cup. This will help eliminate “spotting” by removing excess blood.
  • Insert a finger to feel the rim of the cup (if you cannot reach the rim, feel as high as you can):
    1. Check that the cup opened completely.
    2. Check that the cervix is above or inside the cup.
      1. Run a finger around the outside of the cup.
      2. If there are any indentations, the cup may not have opened completely. Gently wiggle the cup down until the cervix has room to drop into the cup.
  • Twist the cup after the insertion:
    1. This may help the rim open.
    2. This may help the cup create a seal/suction.

Important Note:

A cup will sit differently in each individual and the cervix height also varies from person to person (from very low to very high position). Thus, some cups sit lower in the vaginal canal under the cervix, while others sit higher or even AROUND the cervix. For more info about the cervix, click here.