Folding the Venus Cup

The first thing you’ll need to master is a folding method. Try each technique to see which one is easiest to fold, hold, insert, and also allows the cup to open. Make sure to keep the cup folded until it is inserted.

  • Water-based lubricants –  For easier insertion, you may use water-based personal lubricants. Any other type of lubricant besides water-based, may deteriorate the silicone more quickly.
  • Practice, Practice & Practice – Remember that it may take some practice getting the folds just right! The great thing about the Venus Cup is that you can practice and wear it even while you’re not bleeding, like when you’re expecting to get your period. Just be sure to remove it at least every 12 hours and always give it a good rinse.
  • Most common folds – The three most common folds are the “C” Fold, “Punch Down” Fold and the “7” Fold.

"C" Fold

The “C” fold or “U” fold is one of the most popular and easiest folds that you can do with the Venus Cup. While the fold is the easiest to accomplish, the point that is inserted into the vagina might be a little too large to be comfortable for some people.

Press the rim together and then fold your cup in half so it will create a “C” or a “U” shape.

This fold should pop open on it’s own, but if it doesn’t, pinching the base a few times should help it to unfold. You may also pinch the base and rotate the cup or insert a finger to slightly press on the body or “swipe” your finger along the side.

Note: You can use some water-based lubricant to coat the rim and right underneath the rim to help it slide in a little easier.

"Punch Down" Fold

The punch down fold is a very popular fold because it creates a small area to be inserted into the vagina.

To do this fold you would take your pointer finger place it on top of the rim and push it straight down to center and the bottom of the cup.

After you have inserted your cup using the punch down fold you can reach in with your pointer finger and thumb, feel for the base of the cup which would be where the grip rings are, and give it a pinch few times until you can get the rim to pop open.

"7" Fold

The 7-fold is another very easy fold to do. You simply press the rim together and then fold it half way until you create a seven shape.

After you insert it, to get this fold to open up, you can press on the base of the cup or just insert a finger and nudge the folded area up until the rim pops open.

"Triangle" Fold

The triangle fold is similar to the 7 fold, however, it creates a smaller point that will be inserted. To do this fold you would push the rim together and fold the entire rim down so you will have a smaller point than the 7 fold at the insertion point.

To get this fold to open up after it’s been inserted, you can press the base of the cup or you can insert a finger underneath the fold or between the two parts and nudge it until the cup opens.

"Labia" Fold

The labia fold can be a little tricky but a lot of people like this fold for cups that are harder to get open.

To do the labia fold you want to pinch one side of the rim, taking this pinched area and bring it over to the other side of the rim. Once you have it into that position you want to drop the pinched area into the bottom of the cup by pushing it down.

Then take your pointer finger and your thumb from the other side, push the rest of the rim together and release the rim that was pinched in the first place.

After you get the labia fold inserted you can reach in with two fingers to press the bottom of the cup where the grip rings are (to get the rim to open).

You can also insert a finger and nudge the rim that’s pinched on the inside to pop open.

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