Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the Venus Cup?

The Venus Cup is a reusable alternative to typical menstrual products that we see on the shelves such as tampons and pads.

How does the Venus Cup work?

The Venus Cup collects the menstrual flow instead of absorbing without interfering with the body’s pH balance or natural processes.

What is the Venus Cup made of?

The Venus Cup is made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone and uses Medical Grade Colorants.

Where is the Venus Cup made?

The Venus Cup is manufactured in the USA and in an FDA registered facility.

How do I choose which size to get?
  • Locating and Measuring your cervix is one of the best ways to figure out which size will be both easy and comfortable – click here for more details!
  • You may also choose a size based on your menstrual flow needs.
Is using the Venus Cup discreet?
  • Yes. When the Venus Cup is placed correctly, it is undetectable by you or anyone else. If the stem is visible from the outside of the body, it can be trimmed down for comfort.
  • Since the Venus Cup is reusable, you will not need to carry extra menstrual protection products.
  • The Venus Cup holds much more than a tampon and you may not need to empty it as often.
Is the Venus Cup comfortable?

It should be! If you have any discomfort with it at any time, you may need to try different folding techniques, using a water-based personal lubricant, or changing the size.

Is the Venus Cup Affordable?
  • Totally! Although the initial price of the Venus Cup is more than a box of pads or tampons, it is reusable and will eliminate the need to purchase additional menstrual products every month.
  • The Venus Cup is fairly priced without compromising the quality.
Can I use the Venus Cup with a light or heavy flow?

The Venus Cup is great for a light flow, heavy flow, very heavy flow, when you’re expecting your period but not bleeding yet, or even just to stay dry from discharge!

Does it smell?

The Venus Cup won’t have the familiar odor as a rotting disposable tampon or pad. Depending on your body and blood, the Venus Cup may periodically have an odor more like the smell of “iron”. This can be resolved – check this article for more info.

Will the Venus Cup Leak?

Like with all menstrual cups, there is a chance of leaking. This is a very common problem among new users. It may take time and practice getting things just right, but there are some things that can be done to minimize this from happening – click here for more info!

What type of Activities can I do while using the Venus Cup?

Everything under the moon and sun! The Venus Cup will allow you the freedom to carry on with your daily activities whether it be school, work, sports, or sleeping!

Do you test on animals?

No! The Venus Cup Team loves animals and did no animal testing.

Cup Size

Are cups “one size fits all”?

No. We’re all different. One particular cup will not “fit” everyone the same.

How do I Choose Which Size?

There are some things to consider when choosing the correct size for you.

    • Cervical height – Low, Medium, High Cervix
    • Previous experience and comfort level
    • Capacity needs

To read more about choosing a size, please visit our Choosing the Correct Size page.

Does being Under 30 vs Over 30 and/or Pregnancy vs None, matter?

It is common to see a cup company state these guidelines. However, these guidelines have nothing to do with cervical height and may pose a problem when the user tries a size that might not be right for them.

  • It is believed that a person under the age of 30 that has not had any pregnancies, may have more toned PFM, or are “tighter” and thus need a smaller size.
  • While those over the age of 30 who may have had pregnancies or children, have a weakened PFM, or are “looser” and thus need the larger size.
  • While the PFM may weaken with age, weight, pregnancies, etc., Kegel exercises may be done to help tone them once again.
Does it matter which size I choose?
  • It can.  While some people are able to use a Menstrual Cup in any shape, size, length, diameter, and firmness, others may find that a cup is hard to reach (small), or too long (large) to be easy and comfortable.
  • A specific cup size may also not have the capacity that a person is seeking.
Can Virgins use a Menstrual Cup?
  • The term “Virgin” has different meanings to different people.
  • It may depend on your religious beliefs.
  • If you are comfortable with the inserting process, there is no reason that you can’t use a Menstrual Cup. However, a smaller or more narrow cup might be easier to insert and feel more comfortable during use. A water-based personal lubricant may be helpful.
Can Teenagers use a Menstrual Cup?
  • Definitely!  However, a smaller or more narrow Menstrual Cup might be easier to insert and feel more comfortable during use.
  • If the teen has prior experience using tampons, a Menstrual Cup won’t be too different or difficult.
  • A water-based personal lubricant may be helpful.
Can I use the Venus Cup for Discharge, Spotting, Light, Moderate, and Heavy Flow?
  • The Venus Cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone and can be inserted safely even when you don’t have your period.
  • Since the Venus Cup doesn’t absorb fluids as a tampon would, the guidelines to match flow vs size is no longer needed.
  • The Venus Cup can be used for up to 12 hours while you’re expecting your period, to collect discharge, spotting, or any amount of menstrual flow, before needing to be removed, rinsed, and re-inserted.


How do I fold the Venus Cup?

There are several folds that can be used to insert the Venus Cup. Some are easier to accomplish and hold, while others create a smaller insertion point, or help get a difficult cup to open. Below are some of the more common folds.

  • C” Fold – One of the most common and easiest folds to do, but may have a large or bulky insertion point.
  • “Punchdown” Fold – Another very common fold but with a smaller insertion point.  This fold also allows the user to pinch the base of the cup and “bump” the rim so that unfolds.
  • “7” Fold – This fold leaves a larger insertion point, but allows the user to insert a finger under the folded rim to help nudge it open.
  • “Triangle” Fold – The “Triangle” fold is similar to the “7” fold but creates a smaller insertion point.
  • “Labia” Fold – This fold is a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but is one of the folds that people may turn to for difficult cups.  The insertion point is fairly narrow and this fold allows the user to insert a finger to nudge the rim open.

Please visit our folding page, with step by step instructions, illustrations and videos.

Can I use Personal Lubricant on the Venus Cup?
  • Although the Venus Cup will not absorb your body’s natural lubrication, you may feel the need to use a personal lubricant to help ease the cup in.
  • Be sure to use a water-based lubricant as these are the ONLY type that will not compromise the silicone of the Venus Cup.
What is the best position to be in to Insert the Venus Cup?

Experiment with different positions to find the one that allows you the most ease while inserting the cup.

  1. Sitting on the toilet with your knees apart.
  2. Standing with a foot propped on the toilet or tub.
  3. Squatting – This position may bring your cervix closer to the vagina opening and allow you to place your cup nearer to the cervix. Once the cup is inserted and the muscles relax, the cervix will move back into position and the cup will follow.

Please visit our insertion page for useful information and tips.

How do I insert the Venus Cup?
  • First of all, wash your hands to lessen the chances of infection.
  • Find a comfortable inserting position.
  • Fold the Venus Cup.
  • Gently spread the labia.
  • Insert the Venus Cup aiming back toward the tailbone.
  • Release the fold.
  • Use a finger to push the cup into place as needed.
  • Pinch the base of the cup a series of times to make sure it fully opened and that it creates a light seal.

Please visit our insertion page for useful information and tips.

What do I did if my cup won’t open or feels smashed?

This is common with many cups and is a result that differs person to person and cup to cup.  Below are a few things that you can try.

  • Pinch the base of the cup several times in different areas.
  • Pinch the base of the cup and rock it side to side.
  • Insert a finger and gently press the side of the cup moving in different areas.
  • Wiggle the cup down until the rim opens and then use a finger to push it back into position.
  • Insert a finger and “swipe” the cup.
  • Insert a finger, press the body of the cup to your vaginal wall, and then slow release the pressure allowing the cup to open against your finger.

Please visit our troubleshooting page for more info and tips!

What if the Venus Cup feels too long?
  • If the Venus Cup feel too long, remove it and trim the stem “cone” by “cone” until it is comfortable. Because an extra bead of silicone was placed on the inside of the cup, you can trim the stem completely off without worry.
  • If it still feels too long, consider trying the smaller size.

Please check our troubleshooting page for info and tips!

The Venus Cup is leaking, what do I do?

There are a few reasons for “leaking”. Here’s a checklist to help keep leak-free!

  • Sometimes excess blood remains on the vaginal walls even after inserting the cup and eventually finds its way out.  This excess blood fools many into thinking that they are “leaking”. After inserting the Venus Cup, bear down with your pelvic floor muscles to bring the cup closer to the opening of the vagina. Squatting might help bring the cup down further.  Use a wet wipe or cloth to clean the grip rings and stem of any excess blood.
  • Insert a finger as high as you can near the rim of the cup.
    • Swipe around the body to check that the cup is completely open. If the body and rim are not open, pinch the base of the cup a series of times or rock the cup side to side until it does.
    • Check that the cervix has not been pushed to the side. If it has, wiggle the cup down to allow the cervix to drop into or right above the cup.  Then use a finger to move the cup back into position.
  • Schedule a shorter time between emptying your cup. Although the Venus Cup is safe to use for up to 12 hours at a time, the actual length of time that you can use the cup without leaks depends on how light or heavy your flow is.
  • Try a large size, if possible.

Please check our troubleshooting page for more info and useful tips!

How long will it take me to master the insertion process?

Give it a few cycles to perfect your inserting method and experiment to see which position, fold, and technique is right for you. Just like everything else, it may take a few cycles before you’re fully comfortable with the process.


When should I empty the Venus Cup?
  • Everyone’s experience and length of time of wearing the Venus Cup will be different.
  • When you first start using the Venus Cup, empty it every three hours and see how much room is available.
    • If the cup is only half full, add a couple of hours to the next wearing time.
    • If the cup is ¾ full, then emptying your cup every three hours would be ideal.
  • When your period starts to lighten, you can wear it for a longer amount of time for up to 12 hours until you should remove and rinse it.
  • After using the Venus Cup for a couple of cycles, you’ll get to know how heavy or light your flow is and will be able to schedule a time frame to empty the cup without the guesswork.

Please visit our ‘when’ to empty page for more info and tips!

How do I empty the Venus Cup in Public?

Since the Venus Cup holds quite a bit more than a tampon, you might not need to empty it while you’re in public. However, if it is needed, here are a few things you can do to help make being in public a little less messy.

  • Make sure to empty your cup before your outing to have a fresh cup with a full capacity to use.
  • Pack some wet wipes, baby wipes, or reusable cloth in a bag to take with you. You can use these to wipe your cup, your self, and your hands.
  • Take a water bottle with you to rinse your cup before re-inserting it and your hands before leaving the stall.
  • Grab a couple of paper towels from the public restroom and dampen them before going into the stall. Use one for your cup and another for your hands.
  • As a side note, laying a couple of pieces of toilet paper on the water will help keep your blood from sticking to the bottom of the bowl!
How do I remove the Venus Cup?

Holding the base of the Venus Cup, slowly and gently wiggle or rock the cup side to side keeping the cup upright as to not spill the contents.

Please visit our removal page for more info and tips!

Where do I empty the contents of my cup?

Once the cup is completely withdrawn, empty the contents into the toilet or down the drain.

*Tip – Make sure to hold the cup low and close to the toilet or drain so that it doesn’t splash!

Please visit our removal page for more info & tips!

What is the best position to be in to remove the Venus Cup?

Experiment with different positions to find the one that allows you the most ease of removal.

  1. Sitting on the toilet with your knees apart.
  2. Standing inside of the tub/shower with your foot propped up.
  3. Squatting in the tub/shower.
    • This might be the easiest position for new users.  The Pelvic Floor Muscles can be activated to bring the cervix and cup closer to the vaginal opening for an easier reach.
    • Until removal is “mastered” any spill can be easily rinsed down the drain.

Please visit our removal page for more info and tips!

How to locate the cup to remove it?
  • Insert a clean finger and use the stem to locate the base of the cup.
  • The Venus Cup cannot get “lost” as there is no way for it to travel to other areas in the body.

Please visit our removal page for more info and tips!

Can I pull on the stem to remove the Venus Cup?
  • The purpose of the stem is to help locate the Venus Cup.
  • Wiggle or rock the cup side to side until you are able to reach the base.
  • Once you are able to reach the base of the cup, pinch it and wiggle or rock the cup the rest of the way out.
  • The stem is NOT to be used to remove the Venus Cup.  It will not support the weight.

Please visit our removal page for more info and tips!

Why does it hurt when I pull on the cup?
  • A light suction may be created while using the Venus Cup. Breaking this suction before gently tugging down on it for removal it will eliminate any chance of discomfort from pulling on the cervix.
  • Pinch the base of the Venus Cup a couple of times to force the air up and out and to release this suction.
  • A clean finger can also be inserted to collapse the side of the cup to break the seal.

Please visit our troubleshooting page for more info and tips!

Why does it hurt when the rim is near my Urethra?
  • Some people experience a little more sensitivity while removing a menstrual cup.
  • To eliminate discomfort caused by pressure against the urethra, insert a finger to slightly collapse the cup as the rim nears the opening of the vagina.
Will it always be hard to remove the Venus Cup?

Everyone has their own technique and methods for inserting and removing their cup. It may take some time to find yours but once you get the hang of it, using the Venus Cup will be easier and less messy.

Can the Venus Cup get lost inside of me?

No! The vagina is like a balloon. It is anatomically impossible for the Venus Cup to get lost inside of you.

Care & Storage

Do I need to do anything special once my Venus Cup arrives?

When the Venus Cup first arrives, remove it from the packaging and sanitize it in a pot of boiling water for at least three minutes. Set a timer!

Please visit our first time usage page for more info and tips!

Do I need to wash my cup each time I remove it?
  • A simple rinse with water is sufficient each time your remove the Venus Cup, but a gentle and mild wash may also be used.
  • Never use an antibacterial soap on the Venus Cup. This may cause the silicone to deteriorate and become gummy, tacky, or sticky, which will not wash away.
  • For public areas, please check our answer on “How do I empty the Venus Cup in Public?” question.

Please visit our care during use for more info and tips!

How do I get rid of stains on the Venus Cup?
  • Stains are not harmful and will not affect how well the cup will perform.
  • To avoid stains and discoloration, rinse the Venus Cup with cold water to rid it of any blood.  Hot water can then be used to give it a good wash.
  • If stains have already set in, soak the cup in a mix of 50/50 solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (over the counter 3%) and water, overnight. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) will break down and turn into water over a short amount of time.

Please visit our cleaning methods page for more info and tips!

Boiling - What’s the difference between Sanitizing and Sterilizing?
  • It’s common to see suggestions to “sterilize” a menstrual cup before use or before storage.  However, sterilizing an item will require more than what we are able to do in most home applications.
  • Sanitizing
    • Reduces the number of disease-causing organisms to a non-threatening level.  Sanitizing does not affect some spores and viruses.
  • Sterilizing
    • This is obtained by using chemicals, temperature, gas and/or pressure and may require a minimum time requirement.
    • This kills all organisms including disease-causing bacteria, spores, fungi, and viruses.

Please visit our cleaning methods page for more info and tips!

Can I wash my Venus Cup in the dishwasher?

Although silicone is very durable, we don’t suggest placing the Venus Cup in the dishwasher because
1. The detergent used in dishwashers may damage or deteriorate the silicone over time.
2. The Venus Cup is lightweight and can be dislodged by a jet spray. If the cup falls near the spinner, the cup and/or the dishwasher may be damaged.

Are there other cleaning methods that are safe for the Venus Cup?
  • While there are many methods to clean a Menstrual Cup other than soap and water, using any of them are at the owner’s risk.
  • If using any other type of cleaning agents, be sure to rinse the cup well before using it again.

Please visit our cleaning methods page for more info and tips!

How do I store my Venus Cup?
  • Use the provided cotton canvas storage bag that was included along with the Venus Cup.
  • Menstrual Cups need good airflow to allow any moisture to evaporate.
  • Never store a Menstrual Cup in an airtight container.

Please visit our storing page for more info and tips!

Can I put my menstrual cups in an UV sterilizer?

We don’t suggest frequent use of a UV sterilizer to clean your Venus Cup or any menstrual cup for that matter.  UV rays can accelerate the aging of silicone.  It can fade in color, become less flexible, crack, or take on a yellow hue.  
One cleaning, stain and odor removal tip that we offer is to set the Venus Cup on a sunny window sill for a few hours.
Since there is no harmful byproduct that is produced when silicone comes into contact with UV rays, doing this once every six months to freshen up your cup should be fine but we don’t suggest using this method monthly.


What is the difference between Menstrual Cups from brand to brand?
  • Menstrual Cups come in different sizes, shapes, lengths, diameters, firmness, and color.
  • While color has nothing to do with how well a Menstrual Cup performs, the other factors can be important in choosing a particular cup or brand.
  • One brand may have several designs or firmness choices.
Does having an FDA Registration matter?
  • Within the United States, a Menstrual Cup is categorized as a short-term implantable medical device.
  • To be sold legally in the USA, a Menstrual Cup needs to be registered.
  • The manufacturer of the Menstrual Cup must also be registered.
  • Being registered with the FDA does NOT mean that a cup was tested or approved by the FDA.
  • Having an FDA registration ensures that IF something should go wrong such as a defective batch or contaminated batch, the FDA has contact information for the vendor/manufacturer if a recall needs to be made.
What are other Menstrual Cups made of?

While the Venus Cup and a majority of other Menstrual Cups are made of silicone, there are a hand full that are also made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), and Rubber.

Are all silicone Menstrual Cups made equally?
  • Definitely not!  There are several types of silicone and not all are meant to be used on or in the body – Builders, Glazing, Frame, Food Safe, Aquarium, Bath & Kitchen Silicone, to name a few.
  • There’s even a type of Medical Grade Silicone that is meant to be used ON or AGAINST the skin, but not INSIDE of the body.
  • Although there are many sellers that claim that their Menstrual Cups are made of Medical Grade Silicone – Class VI, there is no way to be sure.
What is Medical-Grade Silicone?
  • Biocompatibility testing has been done on living tissues to ensure that there are no toxic or injurious effects on biological systems = Class VI
  • Medical Grade Silicone is categorized into three groups:
    • Non-Implantable (touches the skin)
    • Short-Term Implantable (used under 30 days)
    • Long-Term Implantable (used over 30 days)
  • A Menstrual Cup is categorized as a Short-Term Implantable Medical Device.
  • “Living Tissues” does not necessarily mean a living animal.
  • Menstrual Cups themselves, are not tested on animals.
How can I be sure my cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone?
  • There is no definite way to tell if a Menstrual Cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone by examining it.
  • For your safety, check the FDA list for a registration number, buy with a reputable company, read reviews, and ask questions.
  • If the cup feels or looks questionable or of poor quality, you might want to find another Menstrual Cup brand.
Is the design of a Menstrual Cup important?

It could be. Again, some people are able to use any shape, size, length, diameter, or firmness in a Menstrual Cup. However, there are factors that may make one cup easier or more comfortable for the user. For instance, a “Bell”-Shaped cup may be more comfortable for those with a low cervix, while a “V”-shaped cup may be easier to reach for those with a high cervix.

Is one stem better than another?

It’s totally up to the user. Some users need a longer stem to be able to locate the cup easier. A ring stem might allow the user more control while removing or handling the cup. While others rather have a shorter stem or no stem at all for comfort reasons.

Do Menstrual Cups come in different colors?
  • Many cup companies offer Menstrual Cups in different colors.
  • A user may prefer a colored cup to camouflage stains.
Are colored Menstrual Cups safe to use?

Color Additives, Colorants, Color Concentrates, and/or Pigments used in Menstrual Cups should also be medical grade and implantable safe.

Within the USA, these need to follow the FDA regulations to be used with Medical Devices.

Medical & Health

Are Menstrual Cups Safe and Healthy?

Using a Menstrual Cup can be safe and healthy providing proper use and care techniques are followed.

Can Menstrual Cups cause allergic reactions?
  • The Venus Cup is hypoallergenic.
  • The Venus Cup is free from latex, dioxins, and is BPA-free.
Can I use the Venus Cup if I have latex allergies?

Good News! The Venus Cup is latex free!

Will Menstrual Cups take my virginity?
  • “Virginity” has a different definition depending on your beliefs, whether religious or otherwise.
  • Some believe that if the hymen is “broken”, their virginity is lost.
    • A Menstrual Cup can still be used with a hymen intact.
    • A smaller or more narrow cup may be more comfortable while inserting and during use.
    • Using a water-based personal lubricant may be helpful.
  • If your beliefs define losing your virginity if any object is inserted into the vagina, then Menstrual Cups would go against your beliefs.
Can I use a Menstrual Cup with an IUD or “Ring”?

Certainly!  There are many who have used a menstrual cup successfully along with an IUD or Ring.

  • IUD
    • Inform your physician that you are planning on using a menstrual cup. They can trim the “strings” so that they’re not in the way of creating a good seal and so there is less of a chance of you tugging on them when removing the cup.
    • Make sure to release the suction before removing the cup to minimize the chance of dislodging the IUD.
    • Familiarize yourself with the length of the “strings”. Check them periodically to make sure that there is no change. If you feel like the strings are lower than normal, there is a chance that you may have dislodged your IUD. See a physician to adjust it.
  • Ring
    • Insert the Ring first and then the menstrual cup.
    • It’s common for the ring to move out of place while removing a menstrual cup. If this happens, insert a finger to move the Ring back into position.
Do you have to remove the Menstrual Cup to use the bathroom?

Similar to a tampon, Menstrual Cups are used internally and do not need to be removed to use the bathroom whether you are urinating or defecating.

Can I wear a Menstrual Cup while having sexual intercourse?
  • The Venus Cup is not a contraceptive.
  • It will not prevent unplanned pregnancies.
  • The Venus Cup will also not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • What you choose to do while using the Venus Cup is at your own risk.
Can I wear a Menstrual Cup if I have a prolapse?

Yes – It may require a bit more care to locate your cervix the first few times while inserting the Venus Cup, but once you learn your body you shouldn’t have any troubles positioning the cup correctly.

Do Menstrual Cups cause UTI’s or can I use one if I have a UTI?
  • If a Menstrual Cup is too firm, it may apply too much pressure through the thin walls of the vagina to the bladder or urethra preventing urine from passing through.
  • If any urine is left in these areas for a prolonged period of time, bacteria have a chance to fester resulting in a UTI.
  • If you are experiencing UTI’s more frequently while using a Menstrual Cup, you may want to seek a brand that offers a cup that is softer.
  • Discontinue use of the Menstrual Cup until the UTI is cleared.
Do Menstrual Cups cause Bacterial Vaginosis or can I use one if I have BV?
  • Menstrual Cups on their own won’t cause BV.
  • We have good and bad bacteria living within us.
  • Infections are caused by “bad” bacteria or other microorganisms.
  • BV is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina.
  • Discontinue use of the Menstrual Cup until the infection is cleared.
  • Take measures to clean and sanitize the Menstrual Cup before using it again.
  • Some soaps may contribute to BV or change the pH balance in the vagina.
Is there a risk of TSS with a Menstrual Cup?
  • TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is extremely rare but can be life-threatening.
  • TSS is caused by bacterial toxins and can be contracted by anyone regardless of gender.
  • To date, there have only been two reported cases of TSS which involved a Menstrual Cup. However, there were other factors involved.
  • To ensure your safety, if you have ever had TSS, please seek medical advice before using the Venus Cup.
  • Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of TSS and contact medical attention if you have one or more of the following:
    • Fever above 102F
    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • Rash like sunburn on most of the body
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Muscle Pain
    • Unusual redness around the mouth, eyes, and vagina
    • Very Low Blood Pressure
    • Kidney Problems or Failure
    • Respiratory Problems or Failure
    • Confusion
  • Follow proper use and care techniques while using the Venus Cup.
    • Wash your hands regularly before inserting your fingers and/or cup into the vagina.
    • Remove the cup at least twice a day to rinse it before re-inserting.

Warranty, Shelf Life Guarantee

How long does a Menstrual Cup last?

With proper use and care, the Venus Cup should last upwards to ten years.

When do I need to replace the Venus Cup?
  • Replace the Venus Cup if there is a rip or tear in the silicone.
    • Trimming the stem of the cup is perfectly fine.
  • Replace the Venus Cup if it becomes sticky, tacky, or gummy, which will not wash away with a mild soap or water.
    • Remember not to use an antibacterial soap to wash your Venus Cup. It may deteriorate the silicone more quickly.
Can I get refund?

Venus cup works perfectly for most people. However, we understand that it may not work well for everyone and that menstrual cups in general are not for everyone.

In order for you to be sure that Venus cup is not a good fit, we suggest you try it for at least 90 days.

This means, that if after 90 days you are still unsatisfied with your purchase, you will receive a full refund.

In order to get a refund, please contact us at info [at]

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