How to determine ‘when’ to empty your Venus Cup?

Although the Venus Cup was designed for a higher capacity, it is perfectly safe to use even if you have a lighter flow. If you have a moderate to light flow, you might be able to use the cup for the full 12 hours before needing to empty it. If your flow is moderate to heavy, you might not know exactly when to remove and empty the cup.

Here are a few methods that you can use to eliminate overflow and leaks:

1. Practice your cup emptying sessions when you’re at home or use a cloth pad for back up, just in case you leak.

2. Keep a log of how much you filled the cup and the time it took.

3. Use the cup for 3 hours and then remove it.

If the cup is only a ¼ full, add another 6 hours to your total time (9 hours total).

If the cup is ½ full, add another 3 hours to your total time (6 hours total).

If the cup is ¾ of the way full, this is the ideal time to empty your cup.

If the cup overflowed or is any fuller than ¾ of the way up, you might want to empty your cup an hour earlier.


  • Do not let your cup overflow while wearing it.
  • When your period starts to lighten up, you can leave your cup in for a longer length of time.
  • Do not wear your cup for longer than 12 hours without emptying it and washing it properly.
  • Since everyone is different, knowing when to empty your cup will be trial and error in the beginning. After a couple of periods, you’ll get to know your body and your flow, and will have worked out a schedule of when to visit a restroom.

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