Best Menstrual Cup for a High Cervix

A high cervix requires a specific menstrual cup to sit in the most comfortable position. The following takes a look at all the important information you need to know when considering using a menstrual cup with a high cervix. Let’s begin!

Which Size Menstrual Cup for a High Cervix?

If you have a high cervix, you should preferably use a longer cup overall. Since a cup will normally situate itself nestled around the cervix, having the extra length will give you easier reach during removal.

Small & Large Venus Cup are Same Total Length

As the small and large Venus Cups are the same length, you may choose to use either of them for comfort or capacity reasons. However, the body length may be taken into consideration if you feel like you need some help breaking the seal.

Stem Length vs Body Length

Again, the small and large Venus Cups are the same length, but depending on your anatomy and situation, stem length may be preferred over body length.

If you feel more comfortable inserting a narrower cup, or if you have a light flow, the small Venus Cup would probably be best suited for you. The long stem allows for the reach you need to wiggle the cup down until you can reach the base.

However, if you are a heavy bleeder, or find that cups create a tight seal during use, you may prefer the large over the small. The large Venus Cup holds 47 ml to the rim, which makes it one of the highest capacity cups on the market. The shorter stem, but longer body, allows you to pinch the base sooner to release the seal and avoid the cup creating a suction during removal. 

Our Suggestion – Large Venus Cup or Starter Kit

If you have a high cervix, we suggest the large Venus Cup or the Starter Kit. As a menstrual cup will normally nestle around the cervix, the larger size will accommodate the cervix without compromising all of the capacity. It will also allow you to release the seal by pinching the base sooner rather than pulling the cup down.

If you think that you might feel more comfortable inserting the smaller and narrower cup, we suggest opting for the Starter Kit. This way, you can try both sizes to see which one feels most comfortable, is easier to reach, and has the capacity to match your highest flow.  

Remember that it is safe to use a menstrual cup whether you are bleeding or not, as long as it is removed and washed at least twice a day or every 12 hours

Which Size Menstrual Cup for a High Tilted Cervix?

Every Cervix is Different

Everyone’s anatomy is different, and this includes the cervix. You may find that yours is positioned very low, low, medium, high, or very high. You may also find that it moves during the different phases of the menstrual cycle; slightly lower and/or higher. Most individuals who can locate their cervix will notice that it leans to one side or the other; left or right, and back towards the tailbone instead of straight up into the vaginal canal. There is no hard rule of a “normal” cervix.  What’s normal is different for each individual.

Diagnosed By a Doctor

A doctor is the only one who can diagnose you if you suspect that you have a tipped or tilted uterus/cervix. Making an appointment to verify this will also give you information if it is retroverted, retroflexed, anteverted, or anteflexed, what they mean and how they may affect you. Again, it is common for the cervix to lean towards one side or the other. 

What People Have Found to be Easy and Comfortable

Individuals who have a tipped or tilted uterus/cervix may find that cups with a wider rim diameter are easier to place. A wider rim covers a larger area and doesn’t need to be as precise during placement, whether you place the cup around the cervix or directly below it.


The Venus Cup is the perfect cup for your high cervix. It provides the smooth insertion and removal you need, as well as a high capacity to support your flow. Try the Starter Kit for your next period and experience the stress-free comfort that the Venus Cup provides!

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